About Us

Who we are

The future of service industry

Established in 2014, Exponential Ventures Limited, is one Uganda’s foremost companies dealing in the Electro-mechanical installations, power and energy management, as well as building construction and real estate managed services.

Whether you need a preventive maintenance technician, painter, plumber, building engineer, janitor, electrician, or just a certified repair technician, we are available to provide any or all of these services easily and affordably through our single sourcing centre.

Our Business

Enterprise Assets Management is where it all began. It’s our legacy.

When we first set out to establish Exponential over 5 years ago, our goal was not to establish just another company. It was to create and maintain a team of experts that will provide an all-around technical and enterprise asset management solutions and help bring people together with right services.

We decided that we will put all our resources together and create only one company, which can easily become Uganda’s single sourcing centre for domestic and commercial buildings/assets management solutions.

Over the years, we have been able to employ many engineers, electricians, riggers, technicians, plumbers, decorators, carpenters, masons and other professional tradesmen ready to cover and meet all the standard requirements as regards to facilities and infrastructure management.

Our Team

We recognize that our primary asset is people. To be successful, our company must be a rewarding place to work. We provide opportunity and encouragement to our staff and work as a team with our clients.

We will at all times hire the best personnel to effectively deliver superior services.  Focus is made to not only their professional qualifications but their work ethics and the ability to fit within the desired organization’s culture to reflect the appropriate image.

Each member works tirelessly to serve our common purpose: to provide an exceptional and professional experience with honesty, integrity, quality, and open communication.

QHSE Policy

It is the policy of our company to provide our clients and employees with a safe and healthful working environment and with occupational health services as defined in the statutory policy guidelines for work place.

We ensure that all our personnel are trained and certified by relevant bodies especially those in the engineering and technical services department

Our Vision and Mission

At Exponential, we also realized that the future outlook in the infrastructure development and support service industry is excellent and is where we want to be.

The core mission at Exponential is to identify the right people and work together in building a winning team of experts that spur innovation and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive and going strong as a day-to-day mission.